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The benefits of travelling by train

If you are wondering whether or not travelling by train is a better alternative to air and car travel read our points below.

  1. When travelling for distances less than 400 miles, train travel via the European high-speed train lines, can be faster than plane travel
  2. Train travel is the safest means of transport allowing discovery of hidden corners of the European continent
  3. Compared to train travel in North America, European trains are faster, more punctual and serve more destinations with a rail network of over 100,000 miles across Europe
  4. Environmentally, train-travel wins again. European trains use seventeen times less fuel than airplanes and rail travel is five times more efficient than travelling by car when transporting the same number of people
  5. Transport is the fastest growing area of human activity that causes greenhouse gas emissions. Train travel produces the least amount of CO2 emissions for powered journeys, so you can contribute to reducing greenhouse gases
  6. Rail travel is the most cost efficient means of experiencing all Europe’s offerings, from major cities and sleepy villages to vast expanses of Europe’s countryside and its spectacular mountain views
  7. Rail passes allow a cheap, convenient and relaxing way of travelling Europe from city-center to city-center without the headaches of foreign traffic signs and chaotic roads

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