Palinka Festival

This four day event is now in its sixth year.

This four day event is now in its sixth year. Hundreds of different spirits are on offer at this festival, where exhibitors display their wares for visitors to sample. The festival takes its name from the drink “palinka”, a type of fruit brandy that is traditional in Hungary. It is usually made from plums, pears and apricots among other fruits, all of which you can try here. But before you start to worry about getting too sloshed, there is food too. Hungarian cheeses, sausages and sweets, mostly homemade, are also offered. There is live music too to accompany the gastronomic treats. Daily passes include a drink.

Location map

Map showing the location of Palinka Festival

Visitor information table

AddressBudapest City Hall Park (Varoshaza Park), Budapest
Telephone+36 1 487 7380
Dates May

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