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The station serving the french town of Brest is the Gare de Brest. It is on the direct line to Paris, being the last station on the line, with the journey to the capital taking 4hrs30m.

The station is perfectly situated with a view over the harbour as you walk out of the main entrance. Head down to the harbour in 5 minutes on foot, or use the bus station on the station forecourt to find services to the local area and town centre which lies just to the west of the station (also walkable). There are plenty of car hire companies on site too.

If you want a place to head to first, try the national maritime musuem (Musée national de la Marine) which celebrates the towns strong links with the sea. It overlooks the La Penfeld estuary and is a 10 minute walk from the station directly along the Avenue Salaun Penquer.


Address Place du 19ème Régiment d'Infanterie, Brest

Station map

Map showing the location of Brest Station

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