Fulda Station

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About the station

Fulda's station lies on the eastern side of the main cultural and shopping centre of the town and is within striking distance of many of the local museums and attractions; the cathedral and cathedral museum are both approximately 1km away, the Schlossgarten can be reached in 200m with its lovely walkways and central lake, and the Vonderau Museum is also only 0.5km away and is home to exhibitions both permanent and changing, of cultural and historical displays relating to the town and area around it.

As part of the rebuilding of Fulda station after the second world war when it was destroyed, a central bus station was created just south-west of the main station but accessible on the same level as the platforms, making it particularly easy to navigate between the two.


Address Am Bahnhof, 36037 Fulda

Station map

Map showing the location of Fulda Station