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Giessen station was extensively remodelled and rebuilt between 2008 and 2010 and as such now has a modern and very accessible interior; the exterior of the building has its origins in the 1850s and now has a protected status as a landmark building.

Outside the train station is a taxi rank and the town's bus station, making onward travel to local stops relatively straight-forward.

The station is located to the south-west of the main town centre, but within easy reach of many of the main attractions including the Mathematikum (Mathematical and science musuem) and the Liebig-Museum (Museum of Chemistry), both of which are just 250metres or so away from the station. There are a series of beautiful lakes and associated countryside around them approximately 5km west of the station e.g. the Westspitze Dutenhofener See which also has a camp site. These can be reached via the Dutenhofen (Wetzlar) train station, just 6mins from Giessen station via a regular, direct route.


Address Am Güterbahnhof, 35398 Gießen

Station map

Map showing the location of Giessen Station

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