Rennes Station

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Rennes station (Gare de Rennes) is a large station, located in the heart of the city. Originally built in 1857, it has been extensively developed since then and now the building's exterior is deceptively modern. On leaving the main station building, you'll find lots of bus services, bike racks, a taxi rank, and cafes on the plaza outside. Parking is also in abundance within the station site.

If exploring the city from the station, the logical place to start is to head up the Avenue Jean Janvier; this takes you past (or nearly past) attractions including a regional museum, the National Theatre and the Fine Arts Museum. Head over the bridge and then left along the waterfront. This eventually takes you to the Rue Saint Yves on your right where the tourist information office is located and which is also the way to the city's cathedral.


Address Place de la Gare, 35000 Rennes

Station map

Map showing the location of Rennes Station