Siegburg/Bonn station

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About the station

When the original high speed ICE route was being planned in the early 1990s, the cost of routing the service to Bonn's main station (Hauptbahnhof) was deemed prohibitive as it would have meant digging a tunnel under the city to accommodation the trains. For this reason it was a station in a neighbouring town that was chosen to be the main stopping point in the area for the high speed service.

Siegburg/Bonn station lies in the town of Siegburg approximately 10km to the north-east of Bonn. Bonn's Hauptbahnhof is connected to the ICE services at Siegburg/Bonn via a frequent and fast Stadtbahn services numbers 66 and 67.


Address Wilhelmstrasse, 53721 Siegburg

Station map

Map showing the location of Siegburg/Bonn station

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