Celtronic Festival

Celtronic is Derry’s version of Sonar!

Celtronic Festival

This is an important date in the calendar for electronic music as organisers aim to "programme an accessible, affordable world class festival that continues to support, develop and nurture the electronic music scene here and beyond"

The name “Celtronic” suggests an earnest form of Celtic folk fused with electronic beats, right? Actually, no. According to DJ Magazine, Celtronic is Derry’s version of Sonar, and it’s certainly an important date in the calendar for electronic music fans due to the quality of the acts it attracts.

Carl Craig, Dixon, Andrew Weatherall, David Holmes, Joris Voorn and Luke Vibert are some of the DJs the event has attracted over the last decade.

Celtronic takes place over five days and local pubs, clubs and art galleries double up as venues; events are ticketed but none cost more than £12, with some even being free.

As well as the music, there are presentations and discussions for those interested in the music business.

Location map

Map showing the location of Celtronic Festival

Getting to Celtronic Festival by train

The public transport network is easy to use in Northern Ireland with 'Translink' operating Ulsterbus and NI Railways, which are well integrated to enable you to reach all parts of the country in less than two hours.

There is also a bus service from Dublin, although lengthy at around 4 hours, it is a lovely route through the Irish countryside. For train services over the border, you would need to change in Belfast.

Visitor information table

CountryNorthern Ireland
AddressVarious venues around Derry
Dates June to July

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