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Austria Guide

A quick guide to Austria to read before you set off

Language: German (official nationwide)
Currency: Euro
Government: Republic
Population: 8.2 million
Timezone: GMT +1

Mirabell GardensInnsbruck from the river Inn
Austria is a relatively small, landlocked country bordered by eight other countries each with its own unique people and culture. Furthermore, the country has a unique geography including the dominent Alpine area, lakes, glaciers and woodland. As a result of this diversity surrounding them, there is also a strong sense of the indiviudal identities and traditions of the populations of each of Austria's nine provinces. Despite these local differences however, Austrians are proud of their country and of their national identity.

Austria has long been a popular tourist destination for Germans, with Germans accounting for approx 50% of all visitors in 2005. However it is also becoming an increasingly popular destination for visitors from North America and also Australia who are thought to view it as a country free of terrorist threats.

Where to go in Austria

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