About European Rail Guide

A bit about the website

European Rail Guide was set up in 2002 to provide information on European rail passes, guides to major destinations and maps showing rail lines throughout Europe.

The internet has changed a fair bit since 2002 but our primary goal hasn't, and that is to provide useful information to rail travellers. We've added lots more content over the years and now feature guides on popular journeys, feature articles, how-to guides, events listings and more.

How is European Rail Guide funded?

The website is entirely funded by revenue generated via the ads and affiliate links placed around the site. For example when somebody clicks through to find prices from a rail pass provider, if they go ahead and purchase a pass after being referred by European Rail Guide we'll recieve a small commission for that. This is true for rail passes and hotels listed on the site.


If you'd like to advertise on the site please contact us via the contact form.


European Rail Guide is owned and operated by Staffordshire based PHP Web Development company Cowshed Works - specialising in PHP, Javascript, Laravel and more.