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CurrencyDanish Kroner
Local languageDanish
Country Denmark


Copenhagen, lying on the north-eastern shore of Denmark’s most visited, Zealand (Sjoelland) region, is Scandinavia’s largest city. Despite its dominance within Denmark, Copenhagen is, with its lively and cosmopolitan nature, a far cry from the rest of this country’s often sleepy and provisional towns, not to mention considerably more expensive!

From its beginnings as a tiny fishing port, to its current status as the Danish capital and home to the Royals, Copenhagen has grown and prospered. Now home to all the country’s main political institutions, arts centers and cultural landmarks, it is a must-see for all those passing through the region as well as easily being the most affordable of Scandinavia’s capitals!

Things to do

The great thing about Copenhagen is the ease with which you can see the city and its sights on foot. What can be described as the inner core of the city is known as Indre By; a collection of quaint and bustling streets, alleys and squares to be enjoyed through wanderings rather than specific sight-seeing. Nearby is the Rådhus (Town Hall) bringing with it an element of grandeur, whilst its belltower offers views over the city. Inside the main entrance is Jens Olsen’s World Clock which rivals the famous astronomical clock in Prague.

Tourists’ insatiable appetite for old cathedrals and churches is not disappointed in Copenhagen, with the Helligåndskirken along Strøget being the oldest church in the city dating back to the fourteenth century. The Skt Nikolai Kirke also began its life as a place of worship, but this has now taken a back seat with its role increasingly being as an exhibition hall and café. Further along the Strøget is one of the tourists’ favorites, the Guinness World of Records Museum a real family-puller.

Out of the Indre By area lies the Gothersgade to the north; marking the border with the old city and its medieval beginnings. East lies the Habour area where both aristocracy and museums have found there home. The Rosenborg Slot is worth a look is you pass through the area. Further up along the water’s edge and close to the Oslo ferry port, lies the home of one of the most famous Danes of the past, Hans Christian Andersen. A center has been set up here for tourists to visit and buy souvenirs!

Local transport

Though the center is best seen on foot, all those with rail passes, e.g. interail, have free access to the network of ‘S-Togs’ the suburban electrics network. If you don’t hold such a pass (and aren’t planning bike rides or walks across the city) then using the bus may be a cheaper alternative. In addition to normal tickets, the ‘Copenhagen Card’ may be useful for those wanting to explore the city more comprehensively. This allows unlimited access to all the metropolitan areas as well as North Sealand.

Ferries are a further means of exploring the area around Copenhagen or to make trips to Sweden and Norway. Long distance coaches stop off at various point in the city - ask at the tourist information office for latest details.

Day Trips

There are a number of possible destinations depending on what it is you’re after. For those wanting culture, half and hour’s bus journey to the north takes you to the village of Lyngby and the open air museum which is situated there displaying restored buildings from all over Denmark dating back to the seventeenth century. If it’s light-hearted fun you’re after, Bakken lying at the end of the C-line of the S-Tog provides an amusement and woodland park in one. For a combination of both culture and fun, the Tuborg Brewery (again just a short bus trip out of the center) offers a guided tour around Denmark’s second major brewer (Carlsberg being the first) ending in hearty drinking sessions at the museum’s expense!

Recommended places and events to visit in Copenhagen

Visitor Attraction
Indre By Copenhagen Centre
Visitor Attraction
Tivoli Vesterbrogade 3
Visitor Attraction
Little Mermaid Den Lille Havfrue
Visitor Attraction
Frederiksborg Slot 3400 Hillerod
Visitor Attraction
Den Hirschsprungske Samling Stockholmsgade 20
Visitor Attraction
Lille Molle Christianshavn Voldgade 54
Visitor Attraction
Hay. Cph Pilestraede 29-31
Visitor Attraction
Yo-Yo Skt Annae Gade 31
Visitor Attraction
Rhein van Hauen Mikkels Bryggers Gade 2–4
Event (During July)
Trailerpark Festival CPH Skatepark, Enghavevej 80-82, 2450 Denmark