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Sharp intake of breath; the UK's spring timetable takes effect
Following chaos last year as the last timetable change came, commuters are braced for more trouble this week!

Britain's Most Haunted Places... by Train
If you're a fan of the supernatural and you like to travel by train, this is for you.

Four European Cities Direct from London
London may not be connected to mainland Europe but thanks to the Eurostar it might as well be.

3 Luxury Rail Trips For Your Bucket List
Get saving because here are three luxury rail trips you’ll want to add to your bucket list.

Interrailing: The Dos and Don’ts of Travelling Europe by Train
Whether it’s a gap year after university or a budget career break, interrailing is one of the cheapest and most adventurous ways to travel Europe.

The Ghent Cycling Holiday
The buzzing Flandrian student city is prime to be explored on two wheels, for this is a city in love with the bicycle.

Take an Alpine Adventure with the all Inclusive Swiss Rail Pass
One country, one rail pass. Switzerland by rail made easy.

Enjoy the Scottish Highlands by train
The Highlands of Scotland offer some of the most picturesque, untouched landscape in the UK.

Eight Reasons Why Trains are Better than Planes
Trains are just so much better than planes and here are eight reasons why.

A Cultured Weekend in Marseille by train
Sat on the French coast on the Med, the rough and ready port town retains the feeling of still being an undiscovered gem.

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