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Netherlands Guide

A quick guide to Netherlands to read before you set off

Language: Dutch, Frisian, (English is very widely spoken)
Currency: Euro
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Population: 16.4 million
Timezone: GMT + 1

Canal houses at nightRotterdam Port
The country of amazing cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag is well known for its liberal attitudes towards social issues; Euthanasia was legalised under stringent guidelines in 2000, gay marriage was legalised in 2000 and prescriptions of medical cannabis became legal in 2003.

Nine tenths of the population are Dutch; in the Fryslan province, about 400,000 people speak their own language, Frisian. Six per cent of the population are originally from Turkey and Morocco or are people from former colonies like Indonesia, Surinam and the Netherland Antilles.

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