Saint-Lô Train Stations and Maps

Main train stations and a country view rail map


Saint-Lô in north-western France lies just 10km off the coast of the English Channel and only approximately 50km from Jersey, as the crow flies. Surprisingly perhaps, it isn't on the main motorway network, with the closest link the relatively new A84 motorway which leads from Caen to Rennes, being some 15km away.

The main train station of Saint-Lô (St Lo) lies on the Lison–Lamballe line which also includes Caen station (45m). These are all regional services; for high speed services travellers must change at local hubs such as Caen or Lison.

Major Rail Stations in Saint-Lô

France rail map showing Saint-Lô

France rail map showing Saint-Lô
Line Colour Map Key
high speed and fast intercity trains available
normal train services available

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