Battle of the Oranges

This is just as it says on the tin - a battle of orange-throwing amongst rival your backs if you decide to watch the lively goings-on!

This is a 3-day event forming part of the town's annual carnival, concluding on Shrove Tuesday each year. It involves 9 teams, 3000+ participants and nearly 400 tonnes of oranges which rival teams use to pelt each other with! Though strictly only the participants are involved, inevitably some of the oranges can get mis-fired and therefore be aware when watching the spectacle!

Before the orange-pelting begins, onlookers are given an opportunity to see the horse and carriages that form part of the parade. Each year local artists decorate the carriages with a variety of stunning images, scenes and colours.

Location map

Map showing the location of Battle of the Oranges

Visitor information table

AddressTown Square, Ivrea, Italy
Telephoneno number listed
Dates February

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