Carnaval de Binche

A bizarre combination of men dressed in green throwing oranges at passers by... surely one not to be missed!!

On Shrove Tuesday each year go near the Binche town hall at your peril, for you are likely to get drawn into perhaps the world's most bizarre carnival tradition! Local men dress up in the greatest of secrecy in the morning and then reveal their colourful costumes to onlookers when they arrive with an array of strange, fantasy costumes and green-eyed masks and dance, whilst the younger men and boys carry baskets of oranges with them which are then used to hurl into the watching crowds. Although this can be painful (and be aware that retaliation is not permitted by tradition!) it is all part of the process of blessing the forthcoming years' summer season, a celebration thought to date back many centuries.

Location map

Map showing the location of Carnaval de Binche

Visitor information table

AddressTown Hall, Rue Saint Paul, Binche, Belgium
Telephone+32 (0)64 33 67 27
Dates February

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