Festival of the Redeemer

A fantastic festival dominated by the spectacular firework display of Saturday night

The town senate introduced the festival in 1577 to thank Jesus the Redeemer for answering their prayers in halting the spread of a plague which for the previous 2 years had claimed the lives of nearly a third of the city's population. This popular festival now has an established format; fireworks are released at 23.30 on the third Saturday in July following a day during which the average local has built up some festival spirit through enjoying the local wines. This spectacular display along St Mark's Basin lights up the city skyline. On the following day festivities continue with thanksgiving masses and in the afternoon, the famous gondola regatta.

Location map

Map showing the location of Festival of the Redeemer

Visitor information table

AddressSan Marco 951, 30124 Venice
Telephone+39 (0)415 298 711
Dates July

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