Museum der Brotkultur (Museum of Bread Culture)

The largest museum of bread-making and culture in the world!

The ‘Museum of Bread Culture’ was opened in 1955, as the world’s first museum of its kind. Since 1991, the historical “Salzstadel” (‘Salt Barn’; dating back to 1592) houses the museum.

The museum’s collection is the world’s largest in terms of the cultural history of bread and contains around 16,000 objects and works of art. 700 of these are on permanent exhibition. All of these objects and artworks give insight into the 6000 years of bread history; from the technical aspects of bread making to the cultural and sociological significance of bread.

Location map

Map showing the location of Museum der Brotkultur (Museum of Bread Culture)

Visitor information table

AddressSalzstadelgasse 10, 89073 Ulm
Telephone+49 (0)731 699 55

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