St Valentine's Day

Spend the most romantic day of the year in the place where the day's namesake was laid to rest.

In the Umbrian hometown of St Valentine, this is the place for loved-up couples to be on the most romantic day of the year! Celebrations of St Valentine take place in Terni throughout February, but are centrered around the feast which takes place on the 14th, near the Basilica where the Saint's remains were laid to rest. Other events which take place in the romantic month in Terni are the presentation of 'A Year of Loving' award which is almost as cheesy as it sounds and is given in honour of a particular act of love which the judges believes is worthy of the award!

Location map

Map showing the location of St Valentine's Day

Visitor information table

AddressTerni, Italy
Telephone+39 0744 423047
Dates February

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