Sziget Music Festival

This is an annual rock and cultural festival which attracts dozens of big name artists..

The Sziget Festival takes place on an island on the river which is a wonderful area of greenery and shrubland and is perfect for the campers who make it their home for the 5-7 day duration of the annual festival. Proceeding normally start at the beginning of August, to time with the perfect weather that Budapest tends to enjoy at that time of year.

The festival is popular with locals and tourists alike. The great mix of acts and artists that play at Sziget is much of the reason why it attracts a wide audience with many travelling from neighbouring countries and further afield. REM, Iron Maiden, Lilly Allen and Manic Street Preachers have been on the line up in recent years as well as lesser known national and international artists.

Location map

Map showing the location of Sziget Music Festival

Visitor information table

AddressÓbudai-sziget (Old Buda Island)
Telephoneno number listed

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