Epernay Train Stations and Maps

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Located in north-eastern France, Epernay lies just alongside La Marne river 30km south of Reims. Though not directly served by a motorway, both the A4 and A26 motorways lie within easy reach. Paris itself is only 140km away on the A4 and is where the closest major airport can be reached (Paris Orly). Châlons Vatry Airport is closer (58km away), but connections are less comprehensive.

By train, Epernay is pretty well-connected also. Paris Est and Paris Nord can be reached in 1hr20m and Reims in 30mins. From both destinations, onwards connections are comprehensive, so making travelling to other European destinations relatively straight-forward.

Major Rail Stations in Epernay

France rail map showing Epernay

France rail map showing Epernay
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