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Almost on the most westerly tip of France, Roscoff is a coastal town that has long welcomed ferries from over the English Channel and Celtic Sea; there are regular services from Plymouth, Cork and also Rosslare. The Port is conveniently situated about 10 minutes from the town centre, making movement between the too relatively painless.

As it is on the outer fringes of the country, there is a bit of a way to the nearest motorway from Roscoff, so the onward journey for road travellers isn't always the most efficient; It's not until you reach Rennes over 200km along the N12 that the motorway network is in striking distance.

The railway station in Roscoff is small and lies just off Rue Brizeux, behind the Quaix d'Auxerre. It is on the line to Morlaix, and it is there that you'll need to change to reach most destinations further afield. There are direct bus services from the port to Morlaix via the 29 service, or to Brest, the other interchange for intercity destinations.

Major Rail Stations in Roscoff

France rail map showing Roscoff

France rail map showing Roscoff
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