Nuits Sonores

Fans of electronic music can’t miss Nuits Sonores.

Fans of electronic music can’t miss Nuits Sonores, a five day festival which takes over the city every summer. Lyon’s nightclubs, bars, music venues, squares and outdoor arenas become host to cutting edge dance music DJs and bands, with acclaimed label showcases too. France’s most famous DJ, Laurent Garnier, usually puts in an appearance, and in recent years he’s hosted “Mini Sonores”, a day time house music party for the little ones. While passes for the main events (which take place over four different stages) are upwards of €20, there are many events that are free or only cost a nominal €2. And if you like the sound of seeing DJ Sneak or Josh Wink for so little money, it’s well worth getting yourself over there.

Location map

Map showing the location of Nuits Sonores

Visitor information table

AddressVarious venues around Lyon
Dates May to June
WebsiteNone listed

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