What's On in Europe in May

Here are a list of European events happening in November. We've compiled this list to help you plan your trip to Europe. To view the events in any month just click on the month below.

Events map

Cambridge Beer Festival
Cambridge, England: Jesus Greens, Cambridge

Berlin, Germany: Kreuzberg area

European Jazz Festival
Athens, Greece: Technopolis, Athens

Feira do Livro
Lisbon, Portugal: Parque Eduardo VII, Lisbon

Fete de Mai
Nice, France: Literally translated as “festival of May”, this event commemorates the history of Nice with music, exhibitions, food and kid’s entertainment.

Focaccia di Recco Festival
Genoa, Italy: Various bakeries around Genoa

Madrid Day
Madrid, Spain: Various locations around Madrid

May Day
Paris, France: The Bastille region, Paris

Mountain Bike Marathon
Klatovy, Czech Republic: Klatovy

Nuits Sonores
Lyon, France: Various venues around Lyon

Palinka Festival
Budapest, Hungary: Budapest City Hall Park (Varoshaza Park), Budapest

Printemps Festival
Luxembourg, Luxembourg: Locations throughout Luxembourg

Procession of the Holy Blood
Bruges, Belgium: Bruges

Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations
Stratford, England: Various venues around Stratford

Tango Antwerp Festival
Antwerp, Belgium: Kielpark, Zendelingenstraat 32, 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp Belgium

The Bath Festival
Bath, England: Various venues

Ypres Cat Parade
Ypres, Belgium: Ypres

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