Procession of the Holy Blood

A procession celebrating Bruges Holy Blood relic.

The Procession of the Holy Blood is an annual event held in Bruges to celebrate the Holy Blood relic usually housed safely in Bruges Cathedral.

The Holy Blood is a cloth that was allegedly used to wipe Christ's wounds. The cloth was brought to Brues in 1150 by the Count of Flounders and has since been celebrated every year since.

The day's activities include a series of tableaux performed at the Main Market Square (these are essentially re-enactments of important religious events in history). The return of the Count of Flanders is also performed whereby the Holy Blood is paraded through Bruges.

It's clearly a proud day for many in Bruges and is well worth going along if you're interested in religious history or even if you just like watching elaborate re-enactments of historic events.

Location map

Map showing the location of Procession of the Holy Blood

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