Salzburg Train Stations and Maps

Main train stations and a country view rail map


Salzburg´s main rail station provides a crucial gateway between both the north-south and east-west of Europe. Lying just 15 minutes’ walk away from Salzburg’s center, all major destinations are served by this station and it is therefore likely to be the European rail traveler’s first point of entry. When you arrive you will find one of the main Tourist Information Offices located within Salzburg’s main station as well as an efficient rail information center and a small selection of cafes and shops.

The excellent railway system means that Salzburg is just two hours away by rail from Munich and three hours from Vienna. Salzburg’s airport has direct flights going to and from London Gatwick, Amsterdam, Zürich, and other major European cities.

Major Rail Stations in Salzburg

Austria rail map showing Salzburg

Austria rail map showing Salzburg
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