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Munich Germany 115 km
Innsbruck Austria 137 km
Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic 146 km
Regensburg Germany 152 km
Augsburg Germany 171 km
Füssen Germany 177 km
Klatovy Czech Republic 178 km
Pilsen Czech Republic 218 km
Ulm Germany 236 km
Ansbach Germany 246 km
Vienna Austria 251 km
Bayreuth Germany 261 km
Venice Italy 268 km
Prague Czech Republic 270 km
Karlovy Vary Czech Republic 270 km
Hof Germany 291 km
Rijeka Croatia 294 km

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Visitor Attraction
The Original Sound of Music Tour Bus-Terminal Mirabellplatz - St. Andrä Kirche, A-5020 Salzburg
Event (During July to August)
Salzburg Festival (Salzburger Festspiele) Locations throughout Salzburg
International Hot Air Balloon Week Picture
Event (During January)
International Hot Air Balloon Week Various venues, Filzmoos, Salzburg

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