How to find European train times and schedules online

European Rail How To Guides

This is something that we're constantly asked here at European Rail Guide. "Is there a train between x and y", "What time are the trains from Hamburg to Berlin" etc.

So, we've put together this how to to show our users how easy it is to find train times for local and international services across Europe.

The Deutsche Bahn website is pretty much the most effective and reliable way to search for train times and fares for services across Europe.

The site can be found here: (opens a new window)

How to search for train times

It's pretty simple! You just fill in your Start and Destination stations (you can also include Via stations and stopovers). Then fill in the dates for your outward journey selecting either your departure time or the time you want to arrive, the latter is very useful. Then you can select options about the people travelling so that the system can provide a price for the tickets.

Whilst this is about the best way to search for European train times online we should point out that you can't buy tickets for all of the journeys in the database.