Train travel in Liechtenstein

A guide to Liechtenstein for train travellers

CurrencySwiss Franc
LanguagesGerman, Swiss Standard German
Population39,039 (2021)
Dialing code+423
Liechtenstein, a tiny landlocked principality nestled between Switzerland and Austria, does not have a railway system. However, despite its small size, Liechtenstein offers a charming experience for travellers. The capital, Vaduz, is known for its medieval castle, the Prince of Liechtenstein's residence, and a vibrant arts scene. Travellers can explore the picturesque Rhine Valley, hike through the scenic landscapes, and visit local museums. While rail travel within Liechtenstein is not available, the country is well-connected by road, allowing visitors to easily explore its cultural attractions and natural beauty. The compact size of Liechtenstein makes it feasible for travelers to navigate and appreciate its unique blend of Alpine charm and modern sophistication.

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