Train travel in Slovakia

A guide to Slovakia for train travellers

Population5.447 million (2021)
Dialing code+421
Slovakia, nestled in the heart of Europe, offers a delightful experience for rail travellers. The capital, Bratislava, features a charming Old Town, medieval castles, and vibrant cultural scenes. Slovakia's diverse landscapes include the High Tatras mountains, picturesque villages, and thermal spas. The country's well-connected rail network efficiently links major cities like Bratislava, Košice, and Poprad, providing an excellent way to explore its attractions. Travellers can visit the impressive Spiš Castle, hike in the Tatras, and enjoy the historic charm of towns like Banská Štiavnica. Slovakia's efficient rail system, combined with its rich history and natural beauty, makes it an inviting destination for those seeking a mix of cultural exploration and scenic adventures.

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