Booking a hotel near a train station

European Rail How To Guides

If you're travelling by train around Europe it makes sense to book hotels and hostels that are close to the train stations you'll be arriving at/leaving from. This way you don't need to spend precious time locating your hotel, having to pay for expensive taxis and risk not getting into the hotel late at night. And you don't have to rush around to get your train on the morning you're leaving. Hotels near the stations make the whole process much more relaxing, and more often than not they'll be near the centre of the town so are ideal base locations for exploring any city.

There are generally a good selection of hotels near the major train stations in Europe that cater for a range of budgets.

For every city that we cover on European Rail Guide we've included the major train station(s) and a list of bookable nearby hotels.

Just go to our city guides section to see which cities we have covered.

Recommendation: Even if you're planning on hopping on and off trains and not pre-booking any accomodation for your European trip we'd strongly recommend that you book your first hotel before you set off, this makes it much easier to get into the flow of European life and gives you time to adapt without being stressed about where you'll be sleeping on your first night.