Checking in on Eurostar

What do you need to check in?

Your passport (or ID card) and ticket, children will also all need passports.

What about luggage check in?

There are allowances for adult and child fares, they are:

Adult ticket

2 pieces of luggage (up to 85cm long)

1 piece of hand luggage

Child Ticket (4 to 11 year olds)

1 piece of luggage (up to 85cm long)

1 piece of hand luggage

Eurostar Ski Train Luggage allowance

2 bags (up to 85cm long)

1 piece hand luggage

Skis or snow board

Providing your luggage is within these limits you don't need to check anything in as you can simply carry it onto the train.

How do you check in?

Just insert your ticket into the ticket barriers (or scan the code if you've printed your ticket).

How long to check in before the train departs

Standard Premier, Standard and carte classique 30 minutes before departure

Eurostar carte blanche holders and Business Premier 10 minutes before departure

Ski train passengers: 1 hour before departure

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