The Andalucia Express from Ronda to Algeciras

Start in Ronda and end up in Algeciras

On the Andalucia Express you can enjoy one of Europe’s top short rail journeys. The railway stretch was built by the British from 1890-1892 to enable their officers, as well as passengers on cruise ships bound for the east, to get away from Gibraltar’s heat.

Ronda is one of southern Spain’s most popular tourist cities and it also is the most famous of the ‘pueblos blancos’, the white-washed villages on top of hills, set in front of pine forests and mountains.

The journey is spectacular, from Ronda you’ll go through Andalucia’s hills and mountains, before heading towards Tangier and Ceuta. You’ll pass the steep hills where fields of wheat and sugar cane are growing, as well as forests of dwarf oak and cork.

From Ronda to Algericas, there are four trains a day, all of them stopping at San Roque, Jimena de la Frontera, Gaucin, Cortes del a Frontera and Jimera de Libar.

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Journey Information

Start CityRonda, Spain
End CityAlgeciras, Spain
Duration1 hour 30 minutes
Distance69.19 km (43 miles)
CostVaries £10 - £20