Eurail Estonia Pass

We'll explain the options and tell you where and how to buy one


Estonia, a Baltic gem in Northern Europe, offers a unique experience for rail travellers. The country is known for its charming medieval architecture, vibrant cities, and diverse landscapes. While Estonia has a limited domestic rail network, it connects major cities like Tallinn, the capital, to reg... Read our Estonia guide
The Eurail Estonia Pass will give you:
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 travel days within 1 month.
  • Jump on and off as many trains as you need to on your travel days.
  • Youth and Senior Pass options available.

Eurail Estonia Pass Eligibility

Only non-European residents can purchase and travel on a Eurail Estonia Pass. If you're a European citizen or resident check our Rail Passes page to see what you can purchase. You will be asked for a country of residence when purchasing, this will determine your eligiblity to purchase the pass, your passport/id will be required as you travel to confirm your eligibility.

Eurail Travel Classes

You can choose to travel in either 1st or 2nd class when you purchase your pass, this choice is available on any of the pass types, Youth, Adult, Child and Senior.

1st Class

Larger seats, tend to be quieter and sometimes have wifi and free refreshments.

2nd Class

Standard seat sizes, generally busier than 1st class, wifi sometimes available.
ERG Tip: First class is a lot more expensive and on many trains in Europe it's rarely worth the premium, consider upgrading on specific journeys if you'd prefer the extra luxuries offered by 1st class.

Eurail Pass Options for all ages

There's a Eurail option for you whatever your age.

Under 4s - No Pass

Travel free and do not need a Eurail pass to travel with you.

Ages 4 to 11 - Child Pass

Travel for free with a Eurail Child Pass. For a Child Pass to be valid it can only be used alongside a valid Adult Pass. Up to 2 children can travel in this way with 1 valid Adult Eurail Pass.

Ages 12 to 27 - Youth Pass

Can purchase a Youth Pass, to purchase a Youth Pass you must be aged between 12 and 27 on the start date used for the rail pass.

Over 60s - Senior Pass

Discounted option for Senior travellers, the only condition for purchasing these is that you must be 60 or over on the start date used for the rail pass.

Ready to buy your Eurail Pass?

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