Things to do near Praha-Bubny Station

Station location map and suggested things you can do a short distance away

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Map showing the location of Praha-Bubny

Suggested things to do near to Praha-Bubny Station

Meralova 1
Laidback and cosy bar where you can kick back with a cocktail or come in for Sunday brunch.
0.1 km
Dusni 13
The hippest clothing store in Prague is named, oddly enough, Kebab.
1.1 km
Cremeria Milano
Parižska 20
Cremeria Milano is renowned for its delicious cakes and ice creams, they're inexpensive too.
1.2 km
Visitor Attraction
Royal Garden
Marianske Hradby
Enjoy Renaissance style architecture at the Royal Garden.
1.7 km
Palffy Palace (Palffy Palac)
Palffy Palace Club, Valdštejnská 14, Praha 1 Malá Strana 101 00
This is a 'must visit' with beautiful food and a lovely view
1.7 km
Malostranské námastí 5
European food prevails at this restaurant that used to count Franz Kafka as a regular.
2.0 km
Visitor Attraction
Prague Zoo (Prazska zoologicka zahrada)
U Trojského zámku 3/120, 171 00 Praha 7
A fantastic and very friendly place for both you and your little ones!
2.0 km
Visitor Attraction
Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad)
Pražský hrad, 119 08 Praha 1
Enjoy strolling around one of the largest and most magnificent castles in the world
2.1 km
Tržištê 7
Try typical Czech food at this cosy little eatery.
2.1 km

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