Oslo Station

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Map showing the location of Oslo

Suggested things to do near to Oslo Station

Visitor Attraction
Gronland Bazaar
Toyengata 2
There is a distinctly Middle Easten flavour to this shopping centre.
0.7 km
Visitor Attraction
Karl Johans gate
This splendid Baroque cathedral occasionally has exhibitions in the crypt.
0.7 km
Norwegian Wood
Middelthunsgate 28, Majorstuen, Oslo
Norwegian Wood pays homage to rock music of the last few decades.
0.7 km
Visitor Attraction
National Gallery
Universitetsgata 13
You'll find a great collection of works by Picasso, Degas, Renoir and Gauguin amongst others, plus Norwegian artists at this museum.
0.8 km
Visitor Attraction
Munch Museum
Toyengata 53
Norway's most famous artist is celebrated here, with thousands of artworks donated by Munch himself.
1.2 km
Visitor Attraction
Akershus Castle & Fortress
Akershus festning
This medieval castle was built to protect Oslo from invasion after it became the capital in 1299.
1.2 km
Visitor Attraction
Aker Brygge Food Court
Aker Brygge
This former shipyard is now a fashionable food court with shops and restaurants.
1.5 km
Visitor Attraction
Vigeland Park
Vigeland Park
This park is Norway's most-visited attraction.
2.9 km

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