Things to do near Oldfield Park Station

Station location map and suggested things you can do a short distance away

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Map showing the location of Oldfield Park

Suggested things to do near to Oldfield Park Station

Las Iguanas
12 Seven Dials, BA1 1EN
Mexican food and a lively Mexican atmosphere.
1.3 km
Visitor Attraction
Thermae Bath Spa
The Hetling Pump Room, BA1 1SJ
Britain's only natural thermal waters just as they were enjoyed by the Romans over 2000 years ago
1.3 km
8-9 George Street
A proper Italian restaurant in the heart of Roman Bath
1.4 km
The Porter
15 George Street, Bath
A colourful and popular local pub catering to the alternative and student crowd
1.4 km
Jollys (House of Fraser)
13 Milsom Street
Jollys (House of Fraser) is one of Bath's best known upmarket shopping centres.
1.4 km
Visitor Attraction
The Roman Baths
Abbey Church Yard, BA1 1LZ
One of the top attractions in Bath, the Roman hot spring Baths are a must see attraction.
1.4 km
Sally Lunn's
4 North Parade Passage
A 17th Century tea room famous for the Sally Lunn Bun!
1.6 km
The Bath Festival
Various venues
The Bath Festival encompasses over 120 events showcasing literature, music and err, bagpipe bands!
1.7 km

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