A guide to European Trains

Artesia connects France and Italy in high-speed comfort. It can take you from Paris to Torino in just under 5 hours 30 minutes or continue on to Milano. Artesia also serves Lyon to Torino (3 hours 35 minutes) with continuing service to Milano. Between the Paris and Milano journey, you can ride the French TGV and from Lyon to Milano you can experience the famed Pendolino (tilting) train.

Five daily round-trip connections between France and Italy cover a route along stunning countryside between Paris, Lyon, Milan, and Turin. Artesia trains provide travelers with convenient services from Lyon achieving speeds of up to 160 mph increasing to 180 mph for trains leaving from Paris.

The service between Paris and Milan offers a licensed bar and snack service, both of which offer a great variety of food with the aim of incorporating most peoples’ tastes. The services between Lyon and Milan go that bit further, offering full dining facilities with hot meals served at tables.

To get an idea of distances, the journey time between Paris and Turin is 5 hours 30 minutes, that between Paris and Milan is a little more at 6 hours 40 minutes. Trains offer a variety of seating accommodation in coach, reclining seats, seating configuration of 4 facing each other, and special sections, such as a nursery. Smoking and non-smoking sections are available.

You may also wish to consider the France-Italy nights tickets for the long distance routes such as Paris to Rome or Paris to Venice (both of which are well over 10 hours). These trains operate a high-speed, extremely comfortable and convenient journey with a choice of sleeping accomodation. There is no check-in procedure, but reservations are mandatory.