A guide to European Trains

With routes between Germany, Switzerland and Italy, the Cisalpino offers further choice to the traveller. This high-speed, tilting train carries the European rail traveler in the most modern environment surrounded by some of the most spectacular views. Journey times are impressive with Zurich to Stuttgart around 3 hours, and Milan to Basel under 4 hours 30 minutes.

Daily trips between Stuttgart, Zurich and Milan are on offer from this tilting train service, which has a great ability to steer around corners at speed whilst providing a relaxing and quiet traveling environment. All of the primary business and tourist centers in the south of Germany as well as Switzerland and Italy. This obviously includes all of the major ski-areas as well as the business centers of the region.

Please note that whilst the fare prices quoted obviously cover the ticket price, the reservation is not included. Reservations are required on these trains and can also be made at the time of purchasing your ticket.