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The Norwegian government decided in 1992 to begin construction on an alternative to Oslo's Fornebu airport which had been the country's primary airport. The new Gardermoen airport to the north east of Oslo was therefore built but the existing raillinks were found to be inadequate particularly as there was a requirement for the new airport to have a high percentage of visitors and employees travelling to and from the airport by train. As a result of this, the FlyToGet Raillink was built offering a high-speed and direct service between Gardermoen and Oslo's main station (Sentralstasjon).

The new route has achieved 96% punctuality and can cover the 50km/31mile distance to and from Oslo in just 19 minutes at top speeds of 210km/h or 130mph. It offers a pressure sealed environment so preventing any passenger discomfort when passing through tunnels and has ample luggage space to accomodate airport passengers' needs.

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