A guide to European Trains

The ever increasing popularity of the Thalys trains running primarily between Brussels and Paris is an indication of its ability to set new standards. Beyond this principal route, the Thalys service also connects the major European business and cultural capitals including Cologne, Duesseldorf and Amsterdam. The service from Brussels to Paris takes under 1 hour 25 minutes and operates at very frequent intervals throughout the day whilst the 18 daily journeys from Paris to Brussels are under 1 hour 25 minutes in duration.

Known affectionately by the nickname the "red train", Thalys takes continues on the international tour where the Eurostar service drops you off. Many European travelers will make use of the service to take them from Brussels to the heart of Cologne; the major European train junction! Connecting ICE trains can take you to all of Germany’s major cities in record time.

Reservations are mandatory though the price of the ticket includes the reservation charge. The standard of accommodation within the trains themselves is excellent with standard class seeming more like first. Coupled with the excellent frequency, efficiency and speed, these trains justify their internationally renowned reputation.