A guide to European Trains

One of the world's premier trains, the X2000 of Sweden is famed not only for its magnificent speed but also for the provision of a service to match. The train journey from Stockholm to Gothenburg takes just 2 hours 45 minutes, and that to Copenhagen just over 5 hours reaching average speeds of 125 mph, with plans to upgrade the network to allow top speeds of 300km per hour or 185mph.
The main point of interest however is not the speed but the tilting mechanism which these trains incorporate and which is now being copied on other train networks including routes between Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Kowloon in China and some in the UK.

Unlike the high-speed links in other European countries such as France, Sweden’s network could not be built as straight tracks and therefore much had to be invested in tilting technology. Building a whole new network would have been highly expensive, so the Swedes instead developed advanced tilting technology which could be used on the existing track. Whilst developing the trains they also included cutting edge safety features such as the trains' ability to 'read' the track ahead up to 4km and signal if problems are detected whilst applying the breaks automatically if no response is received from the track.

All standard class accommodation on the Swedish X2000 trains offers a buffet car, quiet compartments and radio and music channels for added entertainment! First class accommodation is even more luxurious with reclining seats and at-seat dinner service.