Bordeaux Wine Festival

One of the world’s greatest wine producers, it’s no wonder Bordeaux has a yearly wine festival.
One of the world’s greatest wine producers, it’s no wonder Bordeaux has its own wine festival where visitors can meet manufacturers and taste many varieties. Held biannually in even years, the festival coincides with the tall ships festival, such that there are a good number of tall heritage ships along the river, accompanying the 1.2 km "open air wine road" where visitors have the opportunity to meet around 80 different winemakers and merchants from the Bordeaux region.

A unique opportunity to discover the quality, authenticity and diversity of Bordeaux wines and New Aquitaine thanks to the tasting pass (12 tastings for 20 euros).

During the festival, it is also possible to travel to the vineyards by coach with the aid of a tour guide. The wines on show are from the Aquitaine and Bordeaux regions, but don’t think it’s all wine - there are taste workshops which involve food as well as wine, stalls offering regional dishes and a giant banquet where attendees bring food to share with each other on the banks of the Garonne river.

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Getting to Bordeaux Wine Festival by train

Gare de Bordeaux Saint-Jean is the main railway station in Bordeaux and has good inter-city and international connections to major cities, including direct TGV services to Paris, Strasbourg and Lille.

There are good onward links by public transports into the main city centre and to the river where the wine festival takes place, each being around 2km away. For those able and willing, the walk along the river is around 30 minutes straight to the festival's hive.

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Bordeaux 0.9 km
Bordeaux St-Jean 2.2 km
Cenon 3.2 km

Visitor information table

AddressVarious venues around Bordeaux
Telephone+ 33 (0) 556 006 600
Dates June