Grand Place

The central market square in Brussels, a trip would not be complete without seeing it

Grand Place, or the central Market Square, is perhaps the best known attraction in Brussels.

The main market square is surrounded by the impressive Town Hall (constructed between 1402 and 1455), Guild Houses and the Bread House. The gothic architecture has to be seen to be believed, you really could spend hours just wandering around whilst staring up at the buildings. There are cafes scattered around where you can sit and watch the world pass by whilst enjoying a fine Belgian beer in one of the most beautiful market squares in Europe.

Grand Place was named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1998.

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Map showing the location of Grand Place

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Grand Place The Grand Place

Getting here by train

The nearest major train station is Brussels Central Station (Gare Centrale). The Grand Place square is around 10 minutes walk from here, just head north east out of the station and you should stumble across it.

From the Eurostar station (Brussels Midi) it's around a 20- 30 minute walk. Just head out of the station on to Rue de la TĂȘte d'or towards Rue des Pierres/Steenstraat, then Rue du MarchĂ© au Charbon, then walk along Avenue de Stalingrad/Stalingradlaan for 500 metres, then head left onto Boulevard du Midi - from here you should see it signposted, just follow the other people with cameras!

Grand Place Nearest Train Stations

Bruxelles 0.1 km
Bruxelles-Central 0.3 km
Bruxelles-Chapelle 0.7 km

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AddressCentral Brussels
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