Hereford Cathedral

Dating back to 1079 Hereford Cathedral contains the world famous Mappa Mundi and the Chained Library

Hereford Cathedral

Situated right in the centre of Hereford the Cathedral is a hugely impressive example of medieval architecture.

The Cathedral has undergone extensive renovations over the past 20 years which have helped restore and preserve some of the beautiful exterior features.

Inside the Cathedral you'll find the world famous Hereford Mappa Mundi - the largest medieval map currently in existence. In addition the Cathedral also contains the Chained Library.

During the summer months people tend to picnic outside the Cathedral on the grass - it's a great time of year to visit.

Location map

Map showing the location of Hereford Cathedral

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Hereford 0.9 km

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AddressBroad Street, Hereford

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