Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

The most important film festival in central and eastern Europe attracting many thousands of visitors each year.

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

More than 250 new films are presented to the watching public each year at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (IFF) which centres around the stunning historical part of the town. The festival began its like in 1946 in the difficult political period after, was organised under state control over the years of Communist rule in Czechoslovakia. As a result of this, following the huge political changes of 1989 the IFF here became almost totally discredited and nearly came to an end. Fortunately under the leadership of a new organising team in 1994, the festival was once again revived to the extent that this has become a key event on the international film circuit. Over 500 journalists from across the world attend as well as thousands of members of the public and many notable celebrities!

Most events and the central organisation are based at the city's Thermal Hotel, but please check the website for individual film screenings and event locations.

Location map

Map showing the location of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

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Karlovy Vary 1.0 km

Visitor information table

CityKarlovy Vary
CountryCzech Republic
AddressThermal Hotel, Ivana Petrovica Pavlova 11, 360 01 Karlovy Vary
Telephone+420 221 411 011
Dates July

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