Petrin Tower (Petrinska rozhledna)

A place for romantic souls with beautiful views..Petrin Tower is particularly special in May when all the trees are in blossom

This miniature version of the Eiffel Tower (designed by the master himself) sits on top of Petrin Hill. A great place for romantic souls to admire the beautiful views of Prague. Take a picnic and enjoy a day out and while you are there you can also take the time to visit the following attractions: Brevnov Monastery (Brevnovsky klaster), Observatory (Hvezdarna), Mirror maize (Zrcadlove bludiste) and the Hungry wall (Hladova zed). Take a cable car up to the top of the hill (You can use your metro tickets) and walk down the hill through Petrin park.

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Transport connections near to Petrin Tower (Petrinska rozhledna)

Praha-Dejvice Transport: Trains 1.6 km
Praha-Smíchov Transport: Trains 2.6 km
Praha Masarykovo n. Transport: Trains 2.7 km

Visitor information table

CountryCzech Republic
AddressPetrínské sady, Praha 1, Malá Strana 110 00
Telephone+420 257 320 112