The Atomium

One of Belgium's best known landmarks, the Atomium is well worth a visit.

The Atomium
Built in preparation for the 1958 Brussels World Fair (Expo '58) and designed by Andre Waterkeyn the Atomium is an iconic European landmark.

The structure is a 165 billion times magnified version of a unit cell of an iron crystal. The Atomium is 102 metres high and has 9 spheres all connected together by tubes. Visitors are able to enter each of the spheres, each houses an exhibit or public space whilst the top sphere provides a panoramic view over Brussels. The spheres are connected by escalators in each of the connecting tubes.

Well worth a visit for all the family when in Brussels.

Location map

Map showing the location of The Atomium

Visitor information table

AddressAtomium square, B-1020 Brussel
Telephone+32 (0) 2 475 47 75

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