The Birth of Rome

The annual celebration of the birth of Rome.
Every year the Birth Of Rome celebrations take place in Rome. The city was founded by Romulus in 753 BC (21st April) and is one of the founding cities of Western Civilisation.

As the centre of the Roman Empire, Rome played a significant role in the development of the civilisation we know today. The celebrations include numerous parades, gladiatorial performances, banguets and dramatic public speeches.

A must for those interested in Roman history or indeed the history of Western Civilisation.

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Getting to The Birth of Rome by train

Rome's main train station is just 1km from the epicentre of the birth of Rome celebrations. There are comprehensive onward services by bus from the station for those who'd prefer not to walk, although we'd recommend taking the opportunity to explore the ancient city as you make your way through the city's streets; there's so much to admire and see!

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Roma Transport: Various 0.3 km
Roma Termini Transport: Trains 1.7 km
Roma San Pietro Transport: Trains 2.3 km

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