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This site is designed to help you decide on where to go in Europe and how you can get there on the train.

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We'd recommend that you read our city guides to get an idea of where you want to go. Then check out the rail passes and European rail maps pages to work out how to get around. You might also find our How To guides and Popular Journeys helpful.

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Picture for Bratislava to Vienna: Two Capitals in a Weekend
Bratislava to Vienna: Two Capitals in a Weekend

Only an hour apart but very different places.
Picture for London to Paris: The Ultimate Romantic Trip
London to Paris: The Ultimate Romantic Trip

The ultimate London to Paris romance package.
Picture for Low Cost Airlines in Europe
Low Cost Airlines in Europe

Need to book a flight? Try these low cost airlines first.
Picture for JOURNEY: Manchester to Amsterdam
JOURNEY: Manchester to Amsterdam

On the train? Really? Yes.... and yes.
Picture for Destination: Perpignan
Destination: Perpignan

Expect to see flamenco dancers, fire eaters and puppeteers!
Picture for Rail Pass Guide
Rail Pass Guide

Use our Rail Pass comparison table to work out which pass to buy.
Picture for Destination: Fulda
Destination: Fulda

Lovers of the baroque era will find plenty to see here.
Picture for Destination: Saarbrücken
Destination: Saarbrücken

For 200 years Saarbrücken was passed back and forth between Germany and France
Picture for Destination: Cottbus
Destination: Cottbus

Cottbus is known for being a university city with lots of vast green landscapes.
Picture for Blog: London to Istanbul
Blog: London to Istanbul

The trip takes three to four days, beginning with the 4.01 afternoon Eurostar from St Pancras...
Picture for The Andalucia Express
The Andalucia Express

Through Andalucia’s hills and mountains, before heading towards Tangier and Ceuta.

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